Temporary Vegetarian


This last week and a half I’ve been eating vegetarian, mostly, I did have a piece of bacon. 

I want to be clear that I’m not a vegetarian and though I don’t have anything against it I don’t plan on becoming one. I’m married to a hunter and the daughter of a hunter, I grew up raising meat animals, I enjoy eating meat, and I’m not against it.

I do, however, eat a lot less of it when I’m alone than when I’m with the Mr. I could, and have at many times, gone days without meat and not really noticed. If I serve a meal without meat than the Mr gets suspicious that I’m trying to turn him into a rabbit or some such nonsense. So while he was away I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to sort of reset my body and my diet. It helped that while he was away I had a fall and ended up with a bruised cheek bone that made smiling or chewing harder. So I turned to vegetable soup and things like veggie and fruit smoothies to make wasting easier and give my jaw a break.

I think it’s good sometimes to take stock of what we eat, to pay more attention to the quantities, varieties, colors, and textures of our meals and reevaluate certain food decisions and choices. I don’t think this is a diet. I certainly wasn’t thinking of losing weight or inches. I was thinking about eating more greens, getting more vitamins, letting my digestion have a rest in some ways and restarting it in others. It wasn’t a “whole 30” which I hear mixed messages about but which sounds terrible to me, it wasn’t a “20 day fix”, and, especially after the fall, I didn’t exercise more than usual and maybe even less. It was simply a reset of sorts.

When I offered to cook dinner tonight, as I have vegetables I need to use up before we leave on yet another trip, my husband eyed me and asked if I had any meat I needed to use up. He’s only been back one day and the diet returns to what it was. Which is fine, I don’t need to to this forever and I know I can come back whenever I want. 

How do you reevaluate? Stop and change your diet or your habits? What do you do to return to the meals you know you love and are good for nourishing you?