Who’s Coming to dinner?


There is a lot of hate in this world, a lot of racism, division, cliques, separation, judgement, and negativity. There are a lot of ideas circulating about how to fix all of those problems, to get rid of guns, or people of certain religions, to intigrate, to seperate, and there is very little agreement about what the right solution is.

I do not have any ideas on how to fix the worlds problems. I do know that eating together brings people together, that having a conversation over a meal can make you realize that the ‘other’ that you are afraid of is really very similar to you, that we care more about people when we love them for who they are, instead of what they are, who they worship, what color they are, where they are from, who they look like, or how they vote.

So my question to you, as wars wage, as Paris is remembered and Orlando is thought of, as political battles wage, and we discuss ideas and differences, as we mourn and we fight, my question is who would you invite to dinner? Would you eat with the victims? Would you eat with your own family members? What if they voted republican? Or democrat? Would George W. get an invitation? What about Obama? Would you invite over the Mormons, or the Muslims, or the fanatic Christian with the picket sign? What if they were homeless? What if they were rich? Would you eat with white people or black people, Hispanics or Canadians? If you wee having a spaghetti dinner tomorrow night and could feed the whole world- who would you exclude?

Maybe we can’t ban all the guns, stop all the terrorist, change all the thinking, or keep everyone safe. But if you could feed everyone tomorrow-would you? Maybe we can’t change the world but we can work on ourselves.

I do not encourage you to try to invite everyone over to your house next week for a spaghetti dinner, the cleanup would be massive! But I do encourage us to be more like Jesus, to eat with those who others wouldn’t be seen with, to break bread and feed everyone that we can, and to remove ourselves to a garden alone with our friends to pray when we are overwhelmed to the point of despair.

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