Baby Meals


I haven’t yet had any children but I’ve heard a lot about it from friends and I can tell you the idea of people showing up with meals to my house sounds just about right!  

 Of course you can tell I haven’t had children because I don’t think to factor in things like not yet having any schedule, still being unsure of feeding said baby, let alone deciding thoughts about doing it in front of strangers and friends. I have a hard time imagining things like sleepless nights and eating meals knowing that what you eat may upset or pacify your newborn child in a couple hours when you have to nurse and all the other things that come with new parenthood.

But I do know that new parents have to eat wether they have slept or not, that they should eat meals that include more than one food group and that there should be some flavor and variety because their lives are a little bit harder now than seems right. So I continue to sign up to take my friends meals when they have newborns because while I might not be the right person for them to talk to about nursing issues, scheduling naps, or sleep deprivation, I do love to feed people. If I can make it so that family can enjoy an extra hour of time together not worrying about grocery shopping, meal planning, kitchen prep or cooking, it seems like I am probably doing the right thing.

So I encourage us all to feed the new parents of the world. (And encourage the new parents to be patient with us dummies who show up late and forget sides or the all important dessert or don’t know what to do while you feed the baby and who act like they have never gone a sleepless night in their lives- try not to hate us too much and remember that one day we might be in your shoes and you’ll get to laugh when we curse at the dummies who rang the doorbell when they brought us a meal.)


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