Super foods for super parties


I married a sports fan. It’s new territory for me and I don’t always understand it. 

We hosted a super bowl party this year. We used to get together with friends when I was growing up for the Super Bowl, we had fondue while we watched the game. That’s one of the more difficult meals to eat while watching the tv at the same time so I can’t tell you why that was chosen but I loved it! I couldn’t make that for my husband on a game day though, food is an accessory to games for him, whereas it’s more the reason I’m interested at all. I may not understand the games but I will cook for them otherwise  you are left with sports bar fare and sports bars aren’t really known for being high class or delicious, in fact since most of their customers are like the Mr they don’t have to be real worried about the food, if the right game is on and the beer is available the guys will continue to show up.

The idea was that we would have the game on both upstairs and downstairs so we wouldn’t have to crowd 30+ people in our basement to watch the game on our decent sized but certainly not overly large tv. The best laid plans went awry and while we had the drinks and food buffet upstairs the 30+ people in attendance crowded into our basement, in what would have been a firemans nightmare I’m sure, to watch the game and play commercial bingo. Runners were sent for beers at critical moments and when one person went up for a couple of wings they were requested to bring another dozen down for everyone else.

We made ten pounds of chicken wings with four different kinds of sauce, there were Javalina meatballs, pigs in a blanket, and all the chips, dips, and veggies. 

 It was the first time I really felt like I could get on board with sports, my house full of delicious food, donated drinks, good friends and family, while games were played and games were watched.  There is a lot about sports fan culture that I am learning to love, the meals and drinks shared around games, supporting others simply because they are on the team you’ve chosen, easy watching food so you can watch your game with a wing in hand, it’s the actual sports that I just don’t care about. 

Don’t worry, the Mr cares enough for both of us, which leaves me free to try new game day recipes.

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