Holiday Parties



 There are so many different kinds of parties around the Christmas holidays. Some far more entertaining than others, some are awful, some are required by family or work situations. We all are sure to have a couple of options every year and they all turn into an interesting collection of stories.
This year the Mr and I only went to two.

The first was his offices holiday party. Not quite required but a good event to show up at. It’s always a lavish affair at a local resort. There are free drinks, a fancy buffet, and a ballroom full of people at various places on a a spectrum from “trying to impress the boss” to ” shitfaced for free”. One year there were fireworks! There weren’t fireworks this year ( cutbacks affect us all ), but there was a photographer taking fancy photos, we are mostly good at weird faced photos with the huge nutcracker or something dumb, and a DJ who played relatively bad music.

The buffet at events like this are always impressive- shrimp and crab at the beginning and carving stations at the end. It’s not that the food is that good, but it does impress! Of course if you are an introvert like me who knows not quite a dozen people and can only remember the names of four of them, you have more time to inspect and judge the food. 

But we drank, we danced, we ate, and had a good time with the people we did know.

The second holiday party was the one we threw at our own home. 

A party we cooked and cleaned and worked hard to throw, the Mr worked extra hard on the Christmas lights ( he does an impressive array of redneck lighting, complete with a blow up Santa peeing off of our roof ), and I worked extra hard at the food ( gourgeres, meatballs, pumpkin rolls, cookies ). The fire blazed outside, the music played inside, and we welcomed over twenty of our close friends and family into our home for the night. I fretted about the amount and the kind of food, I exploded a bottle of tonic all over our dining room, got a little tipsy, and had a blast. 

It’s good to know yourself, and I know myself well enough that I know I’m a bit of an anxious introvert. I thrive in a comfortable environment, surrounded by people I know and love. But we aren’t all me, thank goodness, and others thrive in much different environments and settings. Thankfully, especially at the Christmas holidays, there is a party type for everyone. Host one yourself, enjoy your wacky family party, the neighborhood ugly sweater contest, the grand ballroom office party or the one at the water cooler with plastic cups and cheap cake. There are all types of parties and all types of people, hopefully we can learn to love the people if not the parties. 


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