Wedding day brunch


One of the wild hairs I got for my wedding day was the idea of a women’s brunch the morning of.

 When I first said I would do this many of the wiser women I knew thought it wasn’t a great idea, it can be stressful to add even more to your list of things to do on a day known for stressing people out, especially brides.

Thankfully my sisters, my maid and matron of honor, saw the good in it and were awesome enough to organize it for me. We had it in my churches main hall, with potluck breakfast dishes, and an easy dozen women.

My ideas behind it were that I would be starting the next part of my life married to a man at the end of the day and I wanted to celebrate the female relationships that had gotten me this far in life. These women have prayed for me in tough times and in joyous times, they have let me cry on their couches when appropriate, and encouraged me to get a grip when necessary. They have fed me, gotten me out of my house, drank with me, encouraged and challenged me, and been there for me. And on the day of my wedding when I woke up nervous and feeling funny they were kind enough to come, bringing potluck dishes with them and sat with me for an hour, chatting, looking forward to the future, and distracting me from my nerves while I enjoyed their great company.

It wasn’t a stressful time to me at all but that’s because wonderful women took care of it. Which reminds me of how dependent we are on each other and that sometimes you have to give up control and allow others to do the hosting and organizing. We have to ask others to help us and feed us.

I owe a huge thank you to the women who organized, planned, brought food, cleaned up, and helped that morning! Without those amazing women my whole life would be different but especially that morning before my wedding.

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