Refocusing and a wedding


FB_IMG_1438799299390I’ve gotten sloppy. In many areas of my life really, it is far too easy to fall off the organized wagon and into the sloppy realm. It didn’t help that I moved four times, planned a wedding, got married, and have been moving into my real home, settling in, and trying to learn how to be married all in the last two years. Currently it all seems like a never ending task, emptying the boxes and setting up rooms in a house I’ve now lived in for nine months, as well as learning how to be married.

So for the learning to be married thing we continue therapy and practice at it daily.

But for the rest of my life I’m trying to get myself back together, not just back together but, hopefully, better. I do better being organized when I have a schedule and as I had goals to reach, something to keep me coming back, and a topic I truly loved in this blog I’m using it to help me return to myself some. If I’m encouraging others to feed people and build community I know it will encourage and spur me on to do the same, if I’m sharing stories of meals shared and recipes tried it helps me remember to try again. And in that trying and that repeated practice of sitting down together to eat- we do something valuable for ourselves as well as those we love. We show we care. About spending time with those people, about nourishing them through time, attention, and food.

Though life has been disorganized and a bit crazy, food, community, and how we love and entertain each other is still an issue close to my heart and something the Mr and I have kept as a practice in our newly married lives.

We started with the wedding! Where we included a meal very important to me as the two of us, as well as the whole congregation, participated in communion. The breaking of the bread where Jesus gave us the important calling to eat together and remember him. Then all one hundred and twenty of us sat down to eat delicious bbq and drink local beer, cheap wine, and some PBR just for good measure.

Weddings are a weird time where you can’t always appreciate what is happening at the time it is happening, especially as the bride or groom. Having a meal that centered our marriage on eating together and remembering Jesus and then a meal we enjoyed with all the people who love and support us was an unforgettable time that has left a lasting impression that actually seems to grow instead of diminish the further we get from it.

If you’ve read this blog before- Welcome back! If you are new- Welcome!

I hope you all enjoy the thoughts on food we share here that encourage us to move deeper into each other’s lives, build stronger communities, and taste the cultures and homes of others.

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