Private Dining


Chips and salsa for breakfast, popcorn and chocolate kisses for dinner, crusts of bread and the skin of bre cheese for lunch, turkey with a side of leftover rice and beans for dinner, pumpkin log with cream cheese frosting for lunch. I’ve eaten my fare share of weird meals.
I usually feel funny when I have to say something to friends about my solo meals as I feed myself a strange array of whatever is left or is on hand in my kitchen. This can sometimes resemble actual meals and sometimes looks a lot like dumpster diving meal prep. It’s at these times that my sisters seem to think I don’t eat real meals, they get worried when they see my pantry or my nearly empty fridge. But I eat regularly and healthily on a pretty regular basis, my cupboards just don’t always show it well.
My strange food combos, meals, and last minute preparations have made me wonder about others odd food ideas. Friends who eat from gas stations on a regular basis are a strange thing to me, people who don’t save leftovers are hard for me to understand, daytime vegetarians are totally a real thing, carb loading for races is something runner friends have told me about. Listening to others food habits makes you realize we all having something that’s just a little funky.
What are your strange food habits? Your favorite not quite a meal meal?

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