Kid envy


I was spoiled as a kid.
Not so much with material possessions but with food.
My mom was a stay at home wife and mother. She homeschooled four children and managed to run her home, make us Easter outfits every year, make her own bread from grain she ground in her own mill, fry her own tacos, make cheese, and soap.
Looking back honestly I think she was one of those Pinterest ladies who are so intimidating to me now, only she didn’t have the internet in her face telling her when and how she was doing it wrong.
She made us some of the best food around! And still I had lunch envy.
The fact that my friends had mushy white bread sandwiches every day or even lunchables, that food item I coveted as a child, was killer to me!
I did not understand the incredible privilege I had in eating real and delicious food on a regular basis.
Because we had a wide variety of friends there were plenty of kids who I was able to be jealous of as a kid and plenty of kids who were jealous of me. From the white bread kids who got to enjoy hot from the oven fresh baked bread with real butter to the kids who grew up in stricter houses than mine who got excited about moms candy dish and our whole milk.
The thing about food envy is it never seems to go away. Instagram is full of photos of food we want to enjoy and drinks we want to try, Pinterest gives us ideas for all the foods someone else has perfected and we desire.

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