Change of plans


As someone who started a collection of cookbook and party planning books early on I was eager to get started hosting friends and family for every sort of event I could come up with. I was lucky in that my first place was the perfect gathering place and worked beautifully for many different events. There was a learning curve as I figured out how to feed a crowd, how to ask for help, what friends to invite for what, and how many people would work for different kinds of gatherings. (There is still a lot of learning to do in all of these areas)

Now things are changing as I’m not in the perfectly located apartment with the perfect living space and as I plan more events at my boyfriends home instead of my own, and we enter a new adjustment period of planning events that accommodate both our groups of friends.

It’s fun to have a new space to work with and new ideas to try, but there is also a level of hospitality dread when it comes to new challenges like this. I both love and fear change and this new stage in life is full of it. From planning meals for groups mixed with men who love meat based events and people with health and diets on their mind at the same time to offering drinks to beer lovers and pregnant women at the same time to planning couple based things as well as parties for all friends, are areas where I’m now wading into the hostessing pool.

None of these will probably be huge issues unto themselves but knowing the pressure I put on myself to host things perfectly I know I will feel the stress until I become more comfortable with the new areas of partying.
When I first noticed or figured out that hostessing was one of the areas that I loved people I never would have said that having friends over would stress me out. I didn’t have my own place and I was eager to try my hand at every idea I came across, and I stored away plans like a squirrel waiting for winter. Now I’ve had my own place and the opportunity to try the plans and parties. I understand a lot more about myself as well as the people I host.

It’s good to step back and realize how much you have learned from the first tries, it’s good to realize how much you’ve grown. Cause often it’s easy to become overwhelmed with how much left you have to grow up and figure out.

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