Opposites attract


I know a few couples who seem perfectly matched, who seem to agree on everything and not to be constantly battling each other on one thing or another. I don’t happen to be among those couples and most of the people I like the best aren’t among those couples either.
I’m not against them, they seem to have a good thing going ( at least on the surface ), but I enjoy spending time with people I can relate to. Some of my closest friends are exact opposites of their spouses, they duel it out and kiss and make up, and they have to keep doing that over and over.
I’m a stubborn, sometimes labelled head strong, person and I’m in a relationship with a head strong, stubborn man. I’m more introverted and he’s more extroverted, he’s more redneck and i like to think I’m more classy, I’m all about intimate dinner parties and he likes parties he can light off fireworks at.
We are making it work and, given our history, that is a surprise unto itself. But it does make for interesting discussions come planning time. His priorities and focus will always be different than mine- he’s more concerned with his light display for our Christmas party and I’m more concerned with our activities.
Thankfully one thing we agree on is feeding people.
We decided on the meal before we decided who was invited. ( And that’s saying something as we think of food quite differently. )
Hopefully between the two of us we can even each other out some and throw some bomb parties. So far the party throwing is in the infant stages- we’ll get back to you on our progress.
In the meantime, our differences have led me to think about others differences, what about your roommate or significant other makes you crazy? How do you differ when it comes to entertaining and hosting?

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