Parental guidance


I don’t know if it was an official position at the church, or if my parents were just called on often as the church knew they enjoyed it, but my family seemed to host every visiting missionary or speaker that came to our church.
This made for quite interesting conversation and chances to learn about all sorts of areas and cultures of the world as well as endless opportunities to play host to friends, families, and strangers.
I learnt to juggle from one couple, I played with kids from all sorts of families, we hosted dinners for them to meet people in the congregation and talk to elders, and we treated them to pot roasts and tacos after church.
I don’t remember all the families, but the idea of that hospitality has stuck with me. The idea of giving up a bedroom for strangers and putting extra chairs at the table for friends, putting in the table leaves and making extra mashed potatoes is something I learned from my parents and I appreciate to this day.
My parents were great hosts cause they were great at not making a fuss. We could clean the house, but mom was ok if that meant making a stack of papers in the office or her bedroom floor to make the house appear clean. We would feed them all, but nothing too fussy or fancy, just extra of whatever we were having or something that could cook in the crock pot while we were at church.
It went wrong sometimes. There were burnt smells that took over the house and beans you couldn’t eat, we went out some days instead cause cooking was too much of a bother.
The lasting impression though is one of a house full of hospitality. I hope that one day my friends say that about me, that I am remembered for those same things.

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