I got a tattoo recently. This is a big deal as ordinarily I have a very hard time committing to anything that lasts a lifetime.
I got a map of the world tattooed on my side. It’s to remind me that no matter what I’m going through today there is something bigger going on, there are more people suffering bigger traumas, there are others celebrating bigger events, there are more countries I haven’t seen, more cities I haven’t enjoyed, more flavors and holidays and traditions then I can participate in. It is to remind me that I am just one person out of the billions living on earth today, only one of the billions that have lived before me, and we’re just one planet in a galaxy within a solar system, surrounded by galaxies and solar systems.
It’s a lot for one tattoo to represent and I understand that most people look at it- the world on its side, stretched across my skin, and just get confused or wonder how I pay for my travels. But when I see it, when I think of it, I remember I should not panic. That today will end and tomorrow will begin and new joys and terrors will enter the world and, God willing, I will survive.
This doesn’t have much to do with food. Except to say that if my biggest fear of the day is that my friends won’t like my casserole, that someone will turn down my dinner invitation, that the dessert will be an hour late in being done, or I will burn every dish I’m meant to serve my boyfriends family– all of these are small concerns when you think of the world at large. They occupy my world and thoughts more than the world at large and that is as it will be, but it is comforting to know the world is bigger than my burnt pork roast or my fallen flan.

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