Feeding jerks- a continuation


One of the biggest things to remember when you get super frustrated at friends and you are tired of feeding them and they are being jerks is that your turn will come.

Let’s face it we are all sometimes assholes and we do a really bad job of not being selfish and conceited and self centered. Some days even when you feel like you are doing a rocking job you will find out that you have really made a mess of things. You forget to call someone you know you should, you’re grumpy at work all day and people have to put up with you, you show up at a dinner party with nothing to contribute ( but you have a totally legitimate excuse! ), you drink too much at the party and say stupid things, or you just decide to stay home in your pajamas instead of going to the event you rsvped for and now your friend has three people in her house who are all fighting cause half of everyone didn’t show up, even though they said they would.

That’s a very long sentence to say that grace is important in friendships. Some days you will need lots of it and some days your friends will.
Let’s all work on not being jerks.

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