The Down Side


I hate doing dishes.



I love planning the meal and setting the table, I love cooking the food and feeding people. What I don’t love is the clean up afterward. I don’t love getting halfway through and realizing I have to wash something I’ve already used, or that the dishwasher (when I’m lucky enough to have one for that meal) is already full and needs running before the meal even begins.
I’m a reuser, a rinser, and a lick it and still use it type of cook but no matter how thrifty you are with your dishes- in the end they still need to be washed.
Growing up there was a soaking policy in our house and I’ve adopted it in my own home. No meal is as nice if you are worried about the washing up while you’re enjoying it. So I try to clean up as much during prep as I can and I aim to leave the kitchen as useful as possible when I head to the dining room but I have no problem stacking everything in the sink for the next day when were done with our meal and move to the couches for wine, dessert, and games.
It means that I’ll have to load a dishwasher before work in the morning or I’ll be doing dishes alone when I get home but I prefer that than doing them while my friends remain and we are soaking up each other’s company.
I know that in some circumstances I need to learn to let others help and relax my policy but I also know that you get the bad with the good when you entertain and that’s life.


I don’t want the bad to scare me away from the good as I’ve let it in the past. A full sink is no fun, but it isn’t the worst.

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