Fall eating


I live in Tucson, Arizona where there are varying degrees of warm, sunny weather throughout the year, but not much of seasons going on. We finally get fall come December first (and it’s not the season changer that Vermont boasts of if you know what I mean). But I’m spending this fall with my sister, brother in law, and new baby niece in Portland, Oregon and it has been beautiful to see the trees changing color, the rain turning everything mushy, and the clouds casting a gray over everything. Of course it’s been even better because I know it will come to an end and I’ll go back to the warm sunshine and vitamin D- and the baby! (Did I mention I have the most adorable niece known to man?!)
One fun part of experiencing fall this year is celebrating the food changes. In Arizona we might pull out the squash and apple recipes about this time of year but it has more to do with tradition than it does the need to eat warm, hearty meals to get us through the cool evenings. Here you want everything flavored pumpkin because it feels like pumpkin weather, you see it in the puddles and the rain coats, you feel it in the mold allergies and the foggy mornings, and you don’t want to get out of bed due to the darkness and the cold.
Fall food is comfort food. Between the warm beverages, the harvest flavors, the oven being on all day, you want to curl up with a good book and watch the rain from the comfort of a blanket nest on the couch.
I encourage everyone to take one fall day- no matter what temperature you live in- put the hot cider on the stove for all day warming so you can have a cup whenever you like, put together a meal that has some squash, apple, pork flavor combination and at least pretend that winter is coming and you’re enjoying the calm before the storm.
Sometimes you simply need to enjoy the seasons, no matter what the window says is happening outside.

(P.s. To my friends below the equator- read this again in another six months and appreciate what I have to say then!)

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