It’s not always easy to feed people.
Sometimes it all falls apart, or you burn everything, everyone ends up being late, or they can’t make it last minute. More likely you end up feeling taken for granted as people don’t show appreciation for your time and effort. They don’t know that you are trying to show them love through food and they just see it as a meal, which of course it is so you can’t argue. But it’s also a sign of love and community and it’s supposed to do more than just fuel you. It’s hard to communicate all of that in a meatloaf or a pot roast though- and that’s when you’ve put the extra effort in.
I want you to know that I know that. That I have experienced the burnout of feeding others. That I am not unaware of the phenomenon of feeling taken advantage of.
I also want you to know that I still think it’s worth it. That I still think you should continue feeding those you love, that having them over for dinner and bringing them meals or gathering around a potluck is still important. Even when we are burned out and spread thin we still need to eat and though people lose sight of thanking the chef or tipping the cook you are nourishing a part of people they often lose sight of themselves.
We need food, we need meals, but we also need people, we need each other.
So keep at it. One more meal. Always just one more meal. And the next time someone cooks for you remember to kiss the cook, to thank the host, and for goodness sake do the dishes!

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