Midnight snacks


I’ve never been a big late night eater — mostly because I get lazy when I get tired. But I’ve learned from commercials and cartoons to really disapprove of late night eating and snacking. Diets certainly don’t approve of meals after midnight, they say that it’s healthier to eat before nine or so. But I’ve been to Italy and Spain where a lot of eating doesn’t get started until the late evening, and they seem to be doing all right health-wise. In fact, a lot of the diets now want us to eat more like Europeans — but apparently not as late.

In our house growing up, peanut butter frequently disappeared in the middle of the night. It was always my father, coming up from his office downstairs after watching the news and the Late Show. He would eat peanut butter a spoonful at a time before going to bed. Nothing like a bit of late night protein I suppose. (Though baked goods would also disappear this same way and cookies and pies are hardly as healthy.)Late night pie in Ireland with the sisters

For me late night eating has always been a thing associated with drinking. After closing down a wedding we end up going out to get a beer and a plate of cheese curds, and to toast the happy couple. Or, after a night at the pub somehow everyone ends up at my house for macaroni and cheese. Strange debates take place during late night meals when you have all had a little to drink and food is abundant.Late night new years!

Everyone seems to relax more with a late night snack, and the stranger parts of their natures come out. Friendships are a little stronger
and secrets are spread a little wider after those nights — people grow closer over greasy food and under dim lights.

What’s your favorite late night food memory?

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