Slingin’ Pies by Aaron Seery


Aaron Seery, known for his sarcasm and his near inability to be serious but also for his sometimes hospitality and his incredible woodworking which you can find here:

This week he tells us some about the pizza traditions of his family.

When I was a kid, I remember my parents making pizza dough, filling the entire dining room table with cantaloupe sized mounds of rising yeast. All day long the dough would sit and rise. Meanwhile, the chopping and dicing of cheeses, meat, and veggies and the creation of the homemade sauce would be taking place in the kitchen, in preparation of a fantastic gathering of friends and family. The smell was awesome, like being in an Irish little Italy.

My dad loved to cook and to serve people. Our house was the epicenter of hundreds of parties and other social jamborees. Although the pizza party hasn’t happened in that house for almost 25 years, I can still smell it today.

It’s quite simple really. All you need is the willingness to do it — and patience. Find a recipe you like for the dough, make sure your sauce is as simple as possible, and choose whatever toppings you want to put on it. Some dough will take three to four days to rise. Sauces may be only whole peeled tomatoes blended to a nice consistency or a concoction made of all your favorite ingredients. The two pizzas in my house that never failed were the pepperoni and black olive, and the sausage and green pepper. These family favorites always hit home runs.


Recently, my cousin Matthew designed and built a pizza oven in his backyard at one end of his porch. He made it out of fire-rated block and slate. He even created his own mortar that can withstand the oven’s heat. The oven reaches temperatures well above sixteen hundred degrees. It is equipped with a damper so air can vent properly. It really is a beautiful sight. We can cook a pie in at most 90 seconds, with little to no effort at all. It makes the three to four day wait for the dough that much more fun. He has also used the oven to cook Thanksgiving turkey and a roast. The oven is wood burning so he’s also saving money on gas and electricity.

Pizza oven

The idea is to continue the Seery “cook and eat” parties that were a staple so long ago.

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