Healthy Habits by Kara Messenheimer


Last week my sister Kara of karaofmuchknowledge told us some about her views on eating healthy and eating identifiable foods. This week she follows it up with some thoughts on snacks. Look up her blog where she talks about awesome books and her funny life…IMG_3136

As you look around and start to identify with your food, there is one thing to remember:

All cravings need at least 2 weeks to work their way out of your system. This means, cravings for fast food, candy, chips, etc will still hit you for a while! Stay strong! Go find a snack that you can identify or make yourself. Even if it’s a pb and j sandwich! Cravings do fade. Take it from the girl who was totally addicted to spicy chicken sandwiches from a 99 cent menu….

Things to consider stocking up on to help ward off cravings and keep you happy:

  • Edamame! You can get it frozen in the shells or out of shells. I microwave it with either soy sauce for dipping or a bit of sea salt!
  • Fresh popped popcorn- add your own salt or butter. I got an air popper from Goodwill years ago and it’s so rad.
  • Hard boiled eggs- easy to keep on hand and easy to take with you places!
  • Tortilla chips for the crunchy times! Fresh salsa and hummus are perfect for filling up too!
  • Wasabi Peas- these things get hot but are fun to crunch on.
  • Baby Carrots and other fresh veggies. I recently learned the benefit of keeping some chopped vegetables in my fridge. I can quickly stir fry them up with eggs for a breakfast scramble or just nibble on them when I need to! (this statement will be repeated in a coming paragraph)
  • Granola bars (check ingredients though and get as simple as possible)

Hopefully this helps get you started on avoiding cravings, staying full and “eating healthier”.

One of the best things I have learned is to not only grocery shop for fresh foods but to keep stocked up on items that will prepare easily for any nights you feel like crashing.

Like I mentioned about snacks, keeping chopped vegetables in your fridge is ideal. You can grab them for a quick breakfast scramble, a tasty stir-fry for lunch, or throw them in with some grilled chicken or bake them all together for dinner. It’s the easiest thing. I keep broccoli, zucchini, onions, sweet potatoes (already baked) and carrots all on hand in a Tupperware container.

Keeping fresh produce on hand can be tricking, I know I quickly forget about certain items and will find molding or mushy messes if I am not careful.  I have learned to buy basics and only have enough on hand for a couple days really. Yes, this means more trips or stops by the grocery store but it’s worth it.

I have learned to keep some organic mixed veggies in the freezer as well. For those times that you realize you forgot to make a vegetable stop and you are out of the fresh stuff. This applies to meats as well. I keep some chicken breasts or free range beef in the freezer for emergencies.

A couple other things to keep on hand for times you need easy meals:

  • Whole wheat pasta and tomato sauces (read those ingredients and go for organic and simple if you can)
  • Quinoa- cooks up like rice, has protein in it and is fantastic to use for anything!
  • Brown rice
  • Cans of different kinds of beans

These are my biggest staples for moments I can’t think of anything to cook and need to just throw something together.

Good luck grocery shopping, snacking and trying to “eat healthier”! You can do it, one change at a time.

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