Beginning thoughts on food


This is a food blog. More importantly it’s a blog about community. Food can be beautiful and delicious but it’s always been more enjoyable to me when others enjoy it with me.


Feeding people is one of my favorite things. I do it both for my professional job and as a hobby at home for family and friends. Making food at work is always less exciting and enjoyable than making my mother’s favorite seafood meal, preparing a pie for my father or wrapping my friends’ meals in bacon. At work I know people enjoy the food I create for them. At home when I cook for people I love the effort is an expression of that love and I know my energy will be appreciated.

I won’t be teaching you to cook here. There are many places both on and off the internet to learn to cook and bake beautiful and delicious meals and they are doing a fantastic job. Instead I’m interested in the sensibility behind cooking, the common sense we should have in the kitchen, and the love in food. Why do we crave soups in winter? What meal did we grow up with that feels homey to return to? What ideas have we formed about what we eat?

I also want it to be a place to encourage you to eat and cook mindfully, intentionally, and in community. To make and share food that you enjoy with people that you love. Making friends is as easy as clicking a button these days but real relationships take something more. Mostly they take time and the easiest time to spend with people is around a meal.

We all have such different relationships with the world around us but none of us can avoid the fact that food is a necessity of life. Yet it’s more than that, it’s also the best nourishment in life. Drawing us together as community and warming us as it strengthens and bonds us.

So lets make food, lets make community and taste life.

6 thoughts on “Beginning thoughts on food

  1. Bill Onesty

    I ready for the ride. One thing I would love to hear about is people’s experience discovering a new food, or rediscovering one they thought they did not like.

    An example for me of the latter are tuna and brussels sprouts. They were canned tuna and frozen sprouts when I was little, so discovering fresh tuna steaks, and fresh steamed sprouts was a revelation!

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